I teach guitar lessons at my home studio in Dedham, MA, and at Music Maker Studios in Boston. 


I aim to empower guitarists of all abilities to make the best music they can.

My students include: children, ages 5 and up; teens; undergraduate and graduate students; and adults of all ages.

I welcome: beginners; intermediate players looking for guidance and direction; and advanced or professional players seeking to broaden and deepen their music-making.

My students play: nylon-string classical guitar, electric guitar, and steel-string acoustic guitar.


The guitar is central to a vast variety of musical styles and traditions, and I want to help each student learn the music s/he's most interested in playing. With that object in mind, my lessons emphasize fundamentals of technique and musicianship: establishing a strong right & left hand technique, honing music-reading and ensemble-playing skills, gaining familiarity with music theory as it relates to the music at hand, and working on interpretation and overall musicality

Each student will necessarily follow a different course of study based on their needs, goals, interests, and abilities.


All students have the opportunity to perform in an annual recital, usually held in late-May or early-June.

"Jamie is, by far, the best guitar teacher our son has ever had. He stresses the fundamentals while at the same time introducing more complicated music to keep our son challenged. Our son wants to practice every night now and cannot wait to show Jamie how he's improved each week."

       -Andi W.

"Jamie is an outstanding music teacher - unfailingly kind, enthusiastic, and my daughter loves having lessons with him. She feels like Jamie helps her learn guitar at her pace and has nurtured her love of music

       -M. Weiss

"Jamie is the ideal music teacher. He provides warm, professional, organized, and stress-free instruction. Our 9-year-old looks forward to his lessons and makes excellent progress."

       -R. Mathews

"In beginning-to-intermediate classical guitar lessons over time, I've found Jamie to be skilled, patient, and good humored. With high expectations for technique development and musical expression, he chooses appealing studies from the repertoire that always keep lessons and practice fresh and exciting. I've been further inspired by getting to know him as an accomplished and committed performing and recording artist"

       -Joan S.